Proměny Festival Program - 25th May, 2019, Jabloneček - Ralsko


10.00 Opening of the festival and workshops

12.00 LAND-ART WALK and the grand opening of the first Land-Art Path in Ralsko

Presentation of artworks from the International Land-Art Workshop: Andreas and Kerstin Stegemann (Germany), Lala Podlacha (Germany), Ondřej Koudelka (CZ), Jan Macek (CZ), Ruda Waypa Novák (CZ), Maiken Stene (Norway), Hans Edward Hammonds (Norway), The Turf Network - Guðmundur Hrafn Arngrímsson, Gunnar Oli Gudjonsson (Iceland)

14.00 MAREŠOVÁ, YASINSKI, RAZAM (CZ) - phenomenal accordion and guitar; distinctive singing

15.00 Announcement of Land Art Public Contest results

16.30 FAULER LENZ (DE) - happy, beautiful and wine songs from home and other countries

18.00 JABLONECKÝ MUSIC JAM - performers: Josef Hausmann & Co., Radek Musil & Fujara, drumming


10.30 Unusual Fairy Tale "About Prince and Princess" - ČMUKAŘI - puppet ensemble and alternative theater Turnov

13.30 Unusual Fairy Tale "And How the Fairy..." - ČMUKAŘI - puppet ensemble and alternative theater Turnov

15.30 VINCEK & FRANZ THEATRE - original Czech-German performance "Provinzdrama"; theatre group kamErádi


10.30 Geoparks and Art - presentation of artworks & application of site specific art in the former mine; Velferden Centre of Contemporary Art / Maiken STENE (Norway)

11.00 Man and Landscape - Presentation of works / Hans Edward HAMMONDS (Norway)

11.30 THE TURF NETWORK - presentation of artistic land-art network and landscape architecture in Iceland / Gudmundur Arngrímsson (Iceland)

16.30 MAGMA UNESCO Global Geopark - Geopark Presentation; with the support of virtual reality (GeoVR) / Pål Thjømøe, Sara Gentilini (Norway)


10.00 Memory of Place - meeting with witnesses and natives, historical photos projection; moderated by Petr Polakovič; guests: Osvald Hons

12.00 Continuous Film Screening:

  • Audio memory of the abandoned villages Jabloneček, Svébořice, Okna and Kracmanov
  • "The Cradle of Art"; "In the First Line" - Documents about the Festival Transformations (2016 and 2017)

17.00 Sudeten Literary Tavern - authors' reading: Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová (CZ), Radek Fridrich (CZ), Lala Podlacha (DE)


19.00 musical jam until morning; overnight at Jabloneček 


  • Graffiti in Czech School - unusual street art in old school
  • Photo Exhibition of Land-Art Works (Land-Art Public Contest)
  • Open-Air Gallery - land-art created during the international workshop
  • Apples of Memories - presentation of the regional varieties protection project from the abandoned villages in Ralsko


Home-made and vegetarian dishes, beer from the Podkovář Brewery, ice cream from Ralsko, regional products


Drumming for the whole family — drumming workshop / Marius Hawlitzky 
Stone balancing / Ruda Waypa Novák, Jan Macek 
Photography with Glass Ball — nature and optical illusions / UJEP Ústí nad Labem
School of whistles and fujara (special type of flute) — playing the magical instrument from the elderberry / Radek Musil 
Grass and Herb Art for the Whole Family — Knitting, Weaving and Mandala Folding / Christine Chiesalk 
Trees Faces — Clay Modeling /Andreas Stegemann
Toys from Natural Materials and Aroma Workshop / Hana Štroblová
Shingle manufacture — traditional craft performance / Petr Brambor Nárovec 
Make Your Own Puppet / Čmukaři, Turnov
Traditional Pearl Stringing — beads donated by Preciosa