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Landart in the landscape of abandoned municipalities

Autor díla a fotografie: Ondřej Koudelka.
Autor díla a fotografie: Ondřej Koudelka.

Since 2016, the non-profit organization Geopark Ralsko has been regularly organizing land art gatherings in the landscape of abandoned municipalities where Czech, Polish and German artists meet to create works that reconcile the history of the violent landscape transformation within Ralsko. The mission is to strengthen the cultural identity of the local inhabitants connected to the landscape in the border regions which has undergone a fundamental transformation in the 20th century (as well as places in the Sudetenland). Nowadays, we are reconnecting and rebuilding our relationship to such "disappeared" places whose meaning for the future is still to be found.

The whole project is based on two close artistic styles: land-art and site-specific art.

Land-art is an ecologically tuned artistic style that is not harming nature but, on the contrary, leads the performers and the audience to a return to natural materials. Land art can also help us to reconnect with the roots of the region, history of the place and with nature.

Site-specific art is artwork created with regard to a specific context of a certain place. The atmosphere of the place, genius loci and stories in the background, is the basic source of inspiration. The aim of site-specific projects is to revive unused sites and highlight various half-forgotten historical, cultural, and often political contexts. An important feature of site-specific is also a free interplay of theatre, music, fine arts and others. Our desire is to stimulate people's interest in and sensitivity for the place they live in and have a tendency to overlook.

Bridging the Barriers. We want to connect people from different fields of art (poetry, art, music, theatre) and other disciplines intertwined with the landscape (like ecology, psychology, philosophy, history, natural sciences which corresponds to a modern holistic approach to landscape and man). In the project, we connect art and landscape. This connection is sensational thus breaks language barriers.


  • To create landart works from natural materials at the abandoned villages of Ralsko that will inspire locals and visitors, and encourage their own creativity and search for the meaning of the landscape.
  • To see how artistic expression helps to sooth and reconcile the violent history and transformation that marked the face of the landscape in the 20th century.